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Jacobsen recently announced that 2016 marks the company's 95th year in business. Founded in 1921 by Oscar Jacobsen, the company remains committed to helping turf managers present world class conditions every day.

During the company's 95 year history, Jacobsen developed many revolutionary products that helped to advance the turf management industry.

A few notable milestones include:

1921 - Oscar Jacobsen founds the company and releases the 4-acre mower. Intended for use on "the vast estates of millionaires", the mower boasted a cutting capacity of four acres a day, a huge feat at the time.

1923 - Just two years later, Jacobsen again makes history with the introduction of the world's first cast aluminium professional greens mower (PGM). The Jacobsen PGM can still be found on courses like Oakmont Country Club, host of this year's US Open.

1955 - Jacobsen unveils another major breakthrough with the introduction of the first rotary mower for home use that uses 4 reversible rotary cutting blades.

1968 - Jacobsen leads the way by producing the world's first riding greens mower, the Greens King, which becomes the standard of the turf maintenance industry.

1986 - The industry's first Turf Groomer is introduced by Jacobsen and serves as a major advancement in greens care by increasing green speed without lowering the height of cut.

1989 - The legendary LF-100 light fairway mower is introduced, specifically designed from the ground up, to be as light as possible, providing less compaction and healthier turf.

1998 - Textron buys Ransomes, a British company with a 200 year history manufacturing agriculture and turf maintenace tractors, mowers and accessories.

2009 - Jacobsen unveils the revolutionary ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mower, the industry's first triplex without any hydraulics.

2014 - Textron acquires Dixie Chopper, an Indiana-based manufacturer of zero-turn radius mowers for commercial and residential markets.

2016 - Jacobsen introduces the HR Series of wide-area rotaries, which offer industry-leading productivity, serviceability and comfort.


"Since Oscar Jacobsen founded the company 95 years ago, his original vision hasn't really changed much over the years" said David Withers, president and CEO of Jacobsen.  "He set out to provide equipment that helped turf managers provide superior conditions, maximise productivity and reduce costs. From his original putting greens mower to today's HR Series of wide-area rotary mowers, we've delivered on that vision for 95 years. And now it's the countdown to our centennial in 2021, when we will celebrate our 100 year anniversary."

With over 95 years of experience in the turf maintenance industry, Jacobsen, has built a legacy of precision craftsmanship, legendary quality of cut and unmatched expertise. Dedicated solely to delivering perfectly groomed turf, Jacobsen equipment is used on some of the finest formal turf areas across the United States and the world, through an extensive distribution network and the international Ransomes brand.



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Groundcare team wins national award from global manufacturer

On 11 October several members of the T H WHITE Groundcare team attended a UK Dealer Conference delivered by Textron Specialized Vehicles in Colchester.

Textron Specialized Vehicles (TSV) is a global manufacturer with subsidiary brands including Ransomes, Jacobsen, E-Z-GO, Cushman and more in the UK. During the conference, the team was given an update on future products and the opportunity to see the machinery up close, including the new MAR series of mowers, the HM600 and the ELiTE golf car range.

As part of the event, TSV conducted their annual awards ceremony, and the T H WHITE Groundcare team was delighted to be awarded with the 2017 UK and Ireland Premier Service Dealer of the Year award, as well as a Certificate of Commendation for the Proturf Dealer of the Year award category.