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Wiedenmann (UK) Ltd. is a family owned business established in 1991 and is based in Scotland.
Wiedenmann established its name in the UK by introducing the successful Terra Spike range of deep aerators which today still set the standard.

WiedenmannAeratorThe Wiedenmann Terra Spike has made its name as the best deep loosening machine specially designed for golf courses, sports grounds, recreational areas and municipal parks. Regular deep spiking and aeration is the pre-requisite for healthy root growth. Once ground is decompacted, the roots can penetrate deeper into the ground thus making better use of water and nutrients. Water and air circulation instantly improve, while thatch is removed and sheering strength increased. There are five versatile ranges of Terra Spike high performance aerators in a variety of widths.


The Wiedenmann Whisper Twister is an efficient blower producing 200m3/min at 50m/second while keeping noise to a minimum. The design incorporates a 180 degree hydraulic swivelling blower unit which makes the unit very versatile. Parking stand and rear support wheel are standard.

WiedenmannArtificialWhen it comes to maintenance of artificial turf, Wiedenmann has a range of equipment to clean, infill, dress, roll, level and groom the surface, ensuring it always looks good and lasts longer.


The Wiedenmann Super 600 cut & collect mower - a step up from the very popular Super 500 - increases load capacity from 2500 litres to a significant 4500 litres. Like its namesake, it also combines as a flail mower, scarifier and sweeper. Such versatility means that this one machine can do the work of several smaller machines. With its enhanced capacity, the Super 600 is a very attractive proposition for local authority users and golf course managers as it is especially suited to park grounds, extensively maintained areas, ecological meadows, sports grounds and golf facilities.

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