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Amazone is a leading manufacturer of cut and collect mowers, scarifyers and top dressers.

The self-propelled Profihopper for mowing and scarifying is equipped with 1.25 m rotor which is attached as a mowing scarifying unit at the front of the machine. Thanks to its unique collecting and compacting system the profihopper is superbly suitable for the dust-free collection of grass and the debris from scarifying in one pass in nearly all mowing conditions. In contrary to other machines wet grass does not stop the profihopper. In one process the material is cut, collected and transported to the hopper, compressed by the auger's action. This increases the volume of the hopper from 700 litres to 1000 litres.

Mowing, scarifying, collecting, chopping and rolling in one pass is easy with the Amazone Groundkeeper. The Groundkeeper’s versatility makes it a reliable helper all year round. In spring, you can use it to scarify and mow grass on sports fields and golf courses without going round twice. In summer, your Groundkeeper will take on the intensive and extensive maintenance of all types of green areas, whereas in the autumn, it will pick up dead leaves, however high they are piled up.


Amazone centrifugal and bulk fertiliser spreaders come in capacities from 600 to 8,200 litres and working widths of 10 to 54 metres. Both mounted and trailed variants are available.